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My Reef Now Introduction


My Reef Now is a record of what I’ve learned and a reference to what I need to know (that I can’t always remember). My Reef Now acts as an easy-to-use, look-up reference for information I have researched and want to access again quickly in the future. There are lots of great reef tank resources on the web and my favorites are listed here. I guess it’s my personal log for my experiences, references and lessons learned.

If this site saves you any time then great and if not, thanks for stopping by. I always welcome comments as it’s always good to gain the lessons from those with experience.

florida ricordia mushroom coral

Aquarium Setup

  • Tank: 29 Gallon
  • Protein Skimmer: AquaC Remora Series (HOB) Protein Skimmer with Drain and Cobalt MJ-1200 pump. MAINTENANCE: 1) Clean foam tower twice a week. 2) Clean water pump every 2 to 3 months. 3) If skimmate reduces even after cleaning foam tower and water pump, make sure to clean slime/build-up on internal baffles where collection cup mates. Lesson Learned!
  • Refugium: CPR Aquatic AquaFuge 2 Medium Hang-on Back Refugium w/ Pump, Light & Stand
  • Flow: Jebao WP-25 Wavemaker with Controller, 800gph-2000gph
  • Lighting: Maxspect R420R (RAZOR) LED Lighting System



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